VMware – Adding Unallocated Space To Windows Partitions

So, let’s say you have a 40 GB hard disk attached to a virtual machine that is your line of business application role holder. As time has gone by this forty gigabyte basic disk, which holds your operating systems primary partition, is slowly running out of space and gaining any back is become an increasing difficult task. If you don’t want to convert your basic disk to a dynamic configuration, or are not familiar with diskpart.exe, you can use this handy Dell utility to perform this process in seconds. This is particularly useful for virtual machines as you can simply increase your virtual disk size, rescan your Guest OS disks through it’s Device Manager so that the unallocated space is presented, and then run the Dell utility to expand your primary partition. An example output of the utility is shown below:

Expanding primary partitions

Using the utility requires no system downtime and there is no need to move your system page file to a separate hard disk. You can download the utility here and it’s associated read me here.

Please note, this utility was originally created for Dell Disk Array’s and should be used with caution in a physical environment.

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