Remote Desktop Services – Remote Desktop Can’t Find The Computer

I recently encountered an issue where users attempting to connect to a server via the “Remote Desktop” tab in the RD Web Access site were presented with a “Remote Desktop can’t find the computer” error when attempting to connect to a resource, as shown in the below screenshot.

After performing some research it appeared that the DefaultTSGateway property in the RD Web Access IIS site needed to be populated with the external fully qualified domain name of the RD Gateway server. By performing this, the request made for a server via the Remote Desktop tab in the RD Web Access site was then directed through the RD Gateway server. To achieve this, and resolve the issue the following actions were performed.

1. Connect to your RD Web Access server and open the IIS 7 management console.

2. Expand Server Name -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> RDWeb -> Pages -> en-US

3. In the Application Settings pane, click the DefaultTSGateway entry and select edit from the action pane on the right hand side, as shown in the below screenshot.

4. In the edit DefaultTSGateway box that is now presented, in the value section, enter the external fully qualified domain name of your RD Gateway server. For example, and click ok.

5. Test resource access from the RD Web Access site to a server via the Remote Desktop tab. You should now be able to connect and authenticate correctly. One thing to note is that you will only be allowed to connect to internal resources that have been specified in your Resource Authorisation Policy (RAP) in the RD Gateway manager.

That’s it, your all done.

Live Meeting 2007 – Loading Image Issue

Recently I deployed a new Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 environment, which may well be my last now that Lync Server 2010 is available. When testing content uploads from both internal and external Live Meeting clients, whenever I attempted to upload a file of any format or create a new whiteboard I simply received a “Loading Image” message in the centre of the Live Meeting 2007 client. No matter how long I waited the “Loading Image” messaging never disappeared and my content was never displayed. It turned out, that for this content to work correctly you require the IIS 7 role service “Static Content” on your OCS 2007 R2 Standard Edition server. To resolve the “Loading Image” issue I performed the following actions:

1. Connect to your OCS 2007 R2 Standard Edition server and open the server manager console.

2. Expand the roles node and then right click Web Server (IIS) and then select Add Role Services.

3. In the Add Role Services wizard, under Common HTTP Features, select Static Content and click Next.

4. Wait for the role services to install and then click finish. At this point I would recommended rebooting the server, however if you want to perform this without distruptions to end users you can simply open the run command and type “iisreset” to restart the IIS web services.

5. Create a new Live Meeting and test either a new whiteboard or file upload, this should now work as required.

More information on Live Meeting 2007 can be found at the following URL: