Veeam SureBackup – Virtual Lab Creation Failure

I was recently in the process of configuring a virtual lab for Veeam Backup & Replication 6.1 Patch 1 to find that should you select not to create a virtual machine folder or resource pool at the Host configuration stage, the lab creation will fail. A valid question would be why would you not want to create the folder or resource pool, however in my case this was a small deployment and the customer only had VMware Essentials Plus licensing which does not offer resource pools as a feature. The error being experienced was the following:

Registering proxy appliance Error: The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created

Failed to register VM, configFile ‘[Datastore Name]  Virtual Lab Name/drv_va.vmx’, name ‘Virtual Lab Name’, isTemplate ‘False’, poolRef ‘resgroup-8’, hostRef ‘host-9’, folderRef ‘ha-folder-vm’

In order to resolve this error, ensure that the creation of the virtual machine folder and resource pool is enabled in the virtual lab configuration. As a result, I have now logged this issue with Veeam as a product bug.

That’s it!

Update: Veeam have now confirmed this is a bug in version 6.1 Patch 1.