BlackBerry Professional Software – Adding Users

BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS), is a relatively unknown product that is available through most mobile operators as an intermediate between BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). While BPS is actually very similar to BES, I am going to cover the most frequent task of adding users and provisioning devices.

You will notice I reference BES frequently, as mentioned earlier BPS is very similar and in most cases mobile operators consider these the same mobile service. There really isn’t any distinction from an operators point of view between the two products.


1. Ensure your BlackBerry device is provisioned for the BES service, your mobile operator will be able to perform this for you. Make sure any BIS addresses you may have associated with your BlackBerry are removed.

2. Backup your data, as a part of the process it is recommended that you perform a data wipe on your BlackBerry.

Adding Users & Configuring Devices

1. Login to your BPS server using your BESAdmin account.

2. Double click the BlackBerry Manager icon located either on your desktop or through Start -> All Programmes -> BlackBerry Professional Software -> BlackBerry Manager.

3. When presented with the BPS home page, click the users tab.

4.  In the users window, locate an area of free white space in the centre, right click and select Add Users.

5. From the user selection window, which queries your Exchange servers Global Address List (GAL), pick the user or users you require and click Select and then OK.

6. You user or users will now be visible in BlackBerry Manager. Right click the user you have added and select Set Activation Password.


7. When the Activation Password window opens, set a password of your choice. This can be anything you like and is a one time password used to simply activate your BlackBerry with BPS.

8. On your BlackBerry device perform a data wipe. The wipe function is generally located under the Options -> Settings -> “Security” or “Security Options” sub menu’s.

9. When the device has been wiped, hit the BlackBerry button and then navigate to Manage Connections and then check/enable the Mobile Network option. Also take this opportunity to set your date and time settings.

10. Navigate back to the BlackBerry’s options screen and select Advanced Options ->Enterprise Activation. On the activation screen the only two fields you need to complete are the e-mail address and password entries. The e-mail address is the users primary SMTP address, for example [email protected] and the password is the one you set through the BlackBerry Manager console for the user (Steps 6-7).

11. The BlackBerry will then attempt to activate and it’s status will be updated by a percentage counter located in the right hand corner of the display. Depending on the amount of messages, contacts and calendar appointments the user has, this may take some time. Once complete, your all done!